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miss (just some blunt notes)

by lisa shouda

I don’t miss anything

I don’t miss anyone

People say I’m a cold one I’m a heartless one

Because I don’t express sadness when she is gone when he is gone

So people say I’m a sad one What a sad one

Maybe I don’t have emotions I don’t have feelings and so on

Because I don’t miss them

I cannot miss them I cannot miss anyone

But hey, honestly;

How can I ?

I know she had never left

I know he is right here *Literally

I know I can feel them anywhere anytime

I know we had never even moved from here

I know we are one *Cheesilly literally

How could I miss them ?

How could I miss anything ?

I don’t miss you

You can’t miss me


You say I am nowhere

You have never missed me

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