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Would you let me be a parent

by lisa shouda

Would you let me be a parent?

I may not have a partner who agrees with raising children under the same roof

I may have this body which was not born with a womb

I may already have several children

Or my womb has not held a baby

With smiles
with prayers
with just a sight

Even I have not changed the diapers of your baby

Even I have not been called an old bi**h by your child

Just as long ago, we were living in small groups of human beings

One day you went into the forest to pick berries

My breast filled her belly

Another time, my body could not handle giving birth, and I ended up passing away

Everyone raised him together

Just like homo sapiens have been doing for thousands of years
We follow the record which is in our DNA
In this existence here

I may not understand your language
and the ocean is between our lands

Can I love
Children who were born a while after my death?

Would you let me be a parent of our children?

EN ver. is co-translated w/Aaron Kenny
JP ver. is here.. 子育てに参加してもよいですか

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